This application uses Microsoft Azure libraries for key word search and paraphrasing. It is a tool designed to reduce search time when criteria are very complicated and searched document can't be defined by few key words. When users try extended queries with long description of wanted document they usually get in return unrelated results or even message that it does not match neither of available documents. When key word query is short and generic the wanted document is returned but sitting somewhere in the tail of the list and the only way to find it, is to examine documents one-by-one. This is the exact situation where SEMANTIC QUERY can help. The tool requests the documents in the list, reads them and semantically compares the text that user entered as wanted or searched. The list of documents is resorted according to semantic proximity and returned to a user in the way that most possible searched document is on the top.

The semantic proximity algorithm is designed based on three year research in the field of Natural Language Processing by the owner of this site. It compares words in two documents with consideration of their positions relative to each other or the word's order, not as simple "bag-of-words" approach. It can't be explained as simple rule or expressed by elementary mathematical formula, because it represents set of methods with the logic determined by extended experiments and not always obvious for people without experience.

Programmatically the application executes query via Bing search engine, gets all documents in returned lists by HTTP session, removes HTML tags and scripts, extracts text from PDF documents, computes the semantic proximity, resorts list according to it and returns the list to user. The left column in returned list shows the position in original list. The third column in returned list shows FALSE or TRUE status indicating if document was actually obtained. Some of them may be timed out in programmatic HTTP session. The check box PARAPHRASE provides the slight rephrasing of semantic expression by automatic translation it into a foreign language and back. It is optional.

The usage of this tool is free for users, but it requires the account in Microsoft Azure Marketplace for Bing Search because the program uses Bing Search API. Everyone who opens such account is provided the key and can execute up to a 5000 free requests a month. When this key is obtained it is copied to "Key" text box for each request.

Those who want to use paraphrasing need to open another account in Microsoft Azure Marketplace for Translator, which provides free translation of 2,000,000 characters a month. When 'paraphrase' is not checked the text fields 'Client ID' and 'Secret' can be left blank.

Although the site is fully functioning it is still under testing. On that reason the usage may be considered as beta-testing. Your feedback is appreciated.